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Our Philosophy

At Freehand Studio, design begins with a thought - How will our design solution add value to the end user's life? Followed by, What would we like the objects or spaces to say at first glance?


This sets out the broad path a project takes and informs many choices made along the way - of layouts that are efficient, shapes that invite the eye to explore, of materials that satisfy touch, or even a single, clever-little feature that brings joy to its everyday use. Beneath the surface, thorough attention is given to technical objectives by having close dialogue with engineering and manufacturing entities involved from the onset.


We encourage our clients and team members to resist cosmetic changes and find long term solutions, to look beyond bought-out solutions and let the design sensibility influence daily experiences along with addressing the project's broad scheme of things like logistics, investments, and timelines.


We indulge ourselves in traditional architecture, and local crafts when presented with the opportunity. Wherever possible, our approach is hands-on, encouraged by a strong DIY spirit and with a pursuit to design spaces and objects that are first desirable to ourselves. 

Our Story


Freehand Studio was founded by Anindya and Garima as a collaborative design practice which would bring on board professionals customized to a project’s requirements. 

The strength of this partnership lies in the wide-ranging expertise that covers industrial as well as human aspects of design. 

Garima A. Roy

Garima is an Interior and Industrial Designer with an experience of over 13 years of designing spaces ranging from Residential, Hospitality to Institutional. She holds a soft spot for the handmade and has worked closely with artisans on various craft projects. 

Garima finds comfort in plants and the natural world and dreams of farming in the mountains one day. For now she makes do with hikes, long walks and gardening.

Anindya Roy

With a background in Architecture, Automobile Design and Industrial design, 'Roy' enjoys daydreaming about making better products, getting his hands dirty on the shop floor and coaxing materials into shape from ideas.

Roy currently resides in Goa where he divides his time between Freehand Studio, teaching and mountain biking. 

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Design Consultancy Contract

Industrial Design:

Giving shape to a manufactured object to create a desirable human interface that complements and enriches its functional purpose.

Interior Architecture

Spatial placement of all elements between floors and ceilings including technical design,

sharing a close connection with the environment it sits in.

Craft Product 
Development Workshops

Craft projects have often been commissioned by State Governments or NGOs working with artisans to address livelihoods, women's empowerment and other social issues. The starting point is usually the material used to develop a project range but we make sincere efforts to mould the process to the needs of the community in question. 

Hourly Consultation

Typically suited to clients who are undertaking site execution themselves and want inputs on layouts or need focused inputs for one part of their homes. These sessions are to bounce off ideas or get fresh ideas from the designers. 


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