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The clients having lived abroad for many years wished for similar comfort and lifestyle back home in Goa for when they return. The requirement was that of a space that allowed for individual rooms for the family members and large common areas for them to come together. 

Our design process began with fixing some serious functional issues that the layout had, that being the swap between living and kitchen space, carving out spaces for powder room, a storage space and a laundry room. The most challenging and fun part was the false ceiling which not only added aesthetic value, but also concealed all the odd beams seamlessly. The material palette is fairly neutral with a micro concrete flooring in common spaces, and warmth added with wooden flooring in the bedrooms. 

Our favourite space in the house would be the toilet that was a balcony. 

Rodrigues Home

Large Modern Apartment with floor area of 350 sq.m.


Interior Architecture : Freehand Studio


Evance Gamit

Garima A Roy