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Mike, a monowheel, came to life as an experimental project built around a salvaged 2-wheeler engine. This was a ground-breaking DIY project that introduced us to the world of hands-on shop floor machining, fabrication and assembly. A fiendishly difficult ride to master, Mike nevertheless entertained anyone brave enough to try it, while also drawing amused admiration from onlookers.

Components fabricated from Steel, Aluminium, Copper and Nylon were combined in a 'steampunk' aesthetic to produce this fully functional monowheel. Mike was showcased at the National Institute of Design's 2008 graduation show and took centre stage in the Transportation & Automobile Design gallery. The entire project was made possible thanks to unwavering support from NID’s Faculty of Industrial Design and dedicated team of workshop staff.


Client: Self-initiative


Anindya Roy 

Ekagrat Kalsi​

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