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Bottle Brush Lamp

If you want to know the story, then it has to start in Crawford Crowded Market. I stumbled upon this old man who sat in the corner of a very noisy street, hardly visible behind this whole bunch of bottle brushes! I asked him if he would sell half his stock, and his eyes lit up. The colors were vibrant and had me excited with ideas. Skirt? well, quite impractical and I don't walk the ramps! And so it was a lamp shade.

I think, it was hardly 'designed' because I dived right into hands-on experiments. The skeleton to hold the brushes was custom-made at a fabricator's workshop. The construction is robust and long-lasting with the brushes held together on a ring that can be removed for cleaning.

The lamp casts beautiful shadows and throws filtered light through the colored bristles.

It adorned our home and became home to many creatures for years! The original pictures were lost to some old hard drives and here we are left with some posters.

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