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Candolim Holiday Home

A run-off-the-mill 2bhk apartment transformed into a balmy space for holidays.

Client: Lardy Abraham

Location: Candolim, Goa

The project was handed over to Freehand Studio for design and execution with a concise brief of transforming it into one that had the amenities of a modern home with a welcoming decor, keeping in mind that it was to function as a holiday home for the owners, and friends

and family.

We took it upon ourselves to first tackle the layout before decor, so as to create a more functional kitchen, a family room and a powder room that the earlier layout lacked.

Materials Decor

The materials were kept simple and details that are easy to maintain. Color and material palettes give the feel of a lighter space than before. Layers of decor elements were added to make the space more welcoming and charming.



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