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Coqui, Aquaponics Unit

Client: Reira Eco Ventures

Wikipedia: What is Aquaponics?

Coqui (pron. kúki) is a DIY aquaponic kit for the beginning or enthusiast home farmer. Coqui addresses spatial and aesthetic needs of urban living spaces such as apartment interiors, balconies and lobbies.

Design Intent

The vertically stacked arrangement occupies a compact footprint and its components are designed to integrate into an elegant, functional form. The tubs are designed to be stackable, modular and feature details that allow for scaling up using a shared water and nutrient cycle.

Exploded view of the product to communicate the assembly to its users.


  1. 2 Large tubs with stand

  2. Water and fish in one tub, and gravel/ medium in the other.

  3. Syphon plumbing

  4. Aquarium pump

  5. Plants

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