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Olaulim House

This section of the Blog was meant to be written 10 odd years back when we decided to put our roots down in Goa and build a house and when people still read text as opposed to swiping screens! But considering this more like a journal, here I am typing away. I decided to start from where we are currently as opposed to the beginning, because no matter how hard I try to recall details, my memory is bound to fail me at times.


The land was a great find, and we fell for the trees especially the giant Indian Elm. It overlooks a beautiful waterbody, has a vacant plot to one side, located in a sparsely populated village. We have road access on the South and North. The placement of the trees was the biggest criteria for massing.

Architectural Intent

We were clear that we wanted a connection to the ground from all spaces, and that our house should be built sans Air Conditioning. These were the non-negotiables, and the existing trees were our guiding elements. Materials have been kept true to their nature, and the structure is a load bearing one. Inspite of a great view, we were clear that we didn't want huge glass facades in order to minimise heat gain.


We are both designers and making of the house has been an extremely satisfying experience. Anindya is a qualified architect and practices Industrial Design. I am an Industrial and Interior Designer, but my practice focusses on the cusp of Architecture and Interior Design. The best part of this project has been the fluidity we have experienced between all these design verticals. We were able to unlearn and undo the barriers and design with a free mind. The only drawback has been that we have found ourselves somewhat reinventing the wheel at many turns that has slowed the process considerably. And some of these bold and radical decisions are yet to be tested.

Hopefully, we will make time to journal the journey here and have a meaningful database that some of our readers might find useful if considering building/ refurbishing a house in Goa.

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