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Phoenix : Paper Seat

Student Project : Nature and Form, FID at NID, Paldi

Phoenix is a seat that has a long background story. As part of 'Nature and Form' study at NID, I took up 'layering' as a natural phenomenon found in nature. We expressed the different topics in art. With the use of watercolors, many layers of translucent paint were painted, followed by words to describe artwork and stories woven and finally given a 3D form.

My interpretation started with layers of fine metal mesh, and in the effort of supporting the growing mass of metal mesh, foam and fabric, a metal pipe frame was built. The unwieldy mass lacked the essence of light layers I had started out with.

The idea scrapped, I restarted the design exercise, this time with medical gauze. This suspended from the metal frame started to fill me with hope of achieving something light weight.

Layers of tracing and kite paper plastered to the gauze dried and stiffened into a seat.

The light weight seat was christened 'Phoenix' for having come back to life after many failed trials.

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