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Wingman : the MTB Hitch

The idea came from a wish to reach and explore local off-road trails without having to pedal the distance, as also to avoid using a car when just going out solo.

Of the handful of ways that one can carry a bicycle on/with a two-wheeler, some need removal of one or both wheels from the bike, others need ungainly frames and straps occupying part of the vehicle’s seat. I wished for a clever solution around these inconveniences - with minimum modification to the vehicle or bicycle, something easily removable and versatile to some extent.

Initial ideas around a trailer to hold the bike soon converged into the bike itself becoming the trailer - its front wheel held up by the vehicle and the rear trailing on the road surface. The first prototype carrier was fabricated as a one-piece attachment simply to check functionality and safety. With those checkpoints crossed, the design evolved to accommodate different wheel sizes, and a feature for quick removal that would leave a small ‘adapter’ part mounted to the vehicle only.

This adapter is one part of Wingman that requires custom fabrication and is made to order, to fit different makes and models of two-wheelers in the market. I have been using my Wingman for a few years now and it has held up very well on short as well as long shuttles. It does an even better job at grabbing attention on the road from onlookers! Wingman has found its way onto the scooters of a few like-minded cyclist friends as well.

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